For Puppy Buyers:
We do our best to check Breeders who register on Purebred Puppies however we cannot guarantee that information they provide is true and accurate. Please check the breeder carefully and ask questions, including asking to meet the mother and father (sire and dam) of the puppies. Don't ever buy a puppy without speaking to the breeder or deal with the breeder just via email. Do your homework so your new puppy is the right one for your family, and you are the right family for them!
ANKC members and registered breeders listed on this website have strict Codes of Ethics which include how old a puppy must be to leave its breeder, the puppy's vaccination and microchipping requirements and dietary information that must be supplied to you when you take delivery of your puppy.
If you feel a breeder has not met these requirements please tell us and we will put you in touch with the relevant State Dog Controlling body.

For Breeders:
In Mature dog Notices and Litter notices there are fields for both email (hot  linked) and phone to be displayed for those looking for puppies and mature dogs.
While this is not the case in your free Breeder Listing notice you are welcome to include your email, website address or phone number in the text there, that way you can be contacted if you would like to. In that section you can also add up to 6 photos. If you click on one photo you can scroll through to view.


Q) How long does my Litter notice stay online?
A) Until you delete it.
Q) Why do you require information about a Breeder's kennel?
Purebred Puppies is a website created by us to both foster and help preserve our wonderful Purebred Breeds for all the reasons set out on our Homepage, and what we think (after 35 years experience) is the wonderful family hobby of dog showing.To have your registration approved you have to provide information to us about your history as a breeder and exhibitor of purebred dogs.

 We welcome feedback as the site continues to grow and be streamlined.